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What's your name(s)

If there are more than one of you in your party, please list everyone's name, if you want to!


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Where are you from?

Please list:

your country


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What first intrigued you about building a Skoolie?

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When did you acquire your Skoolie?


September 2019

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Where did you buy your school bus?


EXAMPLE: Online auction? Directly from the School district? Bus Dealer? Private owner? If you got a story about the acquisition, please share it! 

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When you bought your school bus, how did you get it from the seller’s lot to your conversion location?


EXAMPLE: Was it towed? Did y’all drive it? Was it dropped off? Elaborate if you like.

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What components did you need to install to meet the requirements to go from school bus to RV? 

Kitchen sink
power source
fresh water

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What were the steps required to register & title your school bus as a motorhome / RV?

Please list in the exact order of things to do so that anyone else from your area would be able to follow your steps and get their own school bus titled & registered as a motorhome / RV. List any relevant website links from local governmental offices too. If there was anything specific that the governmental offices told you that you'd like to share, go for it! But please list it out in numerical order & tell a story about each step, if you'd like



1) I bought my bus

2) I took all the seats out

3) Spray painted over all the school bus wording...

4) ... etc...

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What was your insurance process AND what kind of policy did you need?

Please elaborate and include information like: Did you have a policy when you bought the bus? What kind of policy did you have to get to drive the bus off the lot? Or did you get the bus towed, and get insurance after the conversion?


We had a motorhome liability policy put in place once we could prove that the school bus was decommissioned. In order to prove this, we had to send specific photos the insurance company asked for. Then we were able to start our temporary conversion so we were able to get the RV title.

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Do you live in your Skoolie full-time?


Yes, I'm full-time Skoolie Life!


No, I'm part-time


I'm building it right now & planning to live in it full-time!


I'm building it and planning for it to be my weekender or part-time home

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What's one piece of wisdom you'd like to give people who are considering converting a school bus into a Skoolie that you wish you knew before you got started?

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What do you think your super power is (or would be) in a Skoolie build? Feel free to elaborate :)


- I am super creative & have always loved design.

- I am techy and enjoy the mechanical aspects of things.

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What are your social media links & website links?

Please add a link for each social media account and a website you own that you'd like featured with your article so others in the Skoolie community can follow you.


If you don't have any, just put "N/A"




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