Our Story

How It All Began + Our Mission

From 1550 miles away, Brian Garcia in Austin TX + Erin Nicole Bick in Toronto ON, became the best of friends during the toughest times of their lives.

Brian's Story

Back in 2005, Brian launched his first “official” business – Selling blank, artsy greeting cards in places around Austin, like Whole Foods Market, Omni Hotel, Hilton Hotel, and Boutique Gift Shops. The cards were a hit! There was a problem though… Packaging orders, making deliveries, and collecting payment seemed to take up too much time. Three years later, he sold the business, and pursued firefighting.

In 2008, Brian got on the job in a prestigious Fire Department in Austin, TX, and started making an impact in the local community. Working 24-48 hour shifts was absolutely exhausting. This is the type of job some call a “dream.” They don’t talk about the tragedy, death, and mutilation you are exposed to. It was tough on him mentally. Something had to change.

In 2012, Brian found Network Marketing and that’s when it all started to turn around. The entrepreneurial flame was reignited, and he started to work towards building a prosperous team in the Energy Industry. There were always obstacles, and connecting with the right mix of motivated people, and a product/service that everyone wanted was a struggle.

This all changed one day in November 2015, when he was working to launch a successful business online that would eventually set him free from all the tragedy he was exposed to. He tried to forget about his days by drinking, and excessive workouts. His divorce drove him to master the skills he needed to turn his life around! He found inspiration from Personal Development, which fueled his ambition for growth in every aspect of his life. This also connected him with the tools and necessary strategies that form a successful online business. His main drive, and focus is to help others succeed! Which led him to meeting his true love... Erin.

On April 1, 2017, nearly 9 years in the department, and after building business online for 16 months, Brian put his firefighting boots on the shelf for the last time. There’s one thing in life you can’t make more of, and that’s time. With vision, passion, and implementation, Brian found that you can build an online business around your ideas! Brian’s story is the perfect case study that shows even a blue-collar worker, a firefighter, could learn a new set of skills in life’s spare time to build out what is truly a dream.

What did he want? He wanted the freedom to GO, BE, DO, and HAVE! He wanted to meet the woman of his dreams, building an amazing relationship together! He wanted to Love Deeper, Travel Broader, and Live An Extraordinary Life!

Erin's Story

Erin was a Hairstylist, working in a high-end salon downtown Toronto. Her love for fashion lead her to working on photoshoots in her spare time, doing hair for local musicians’ album covers, and Toronto’s trendy Now Magazine.  Her work was also featured in Missy Ink Magazine, along with a couple pairing articles, teaching people how to achieve the styles themselves. Her love & dedication to the industry inspired her bosses in invite her to help them open another location on the other side of the city where she built a thriving clientele working crazy hours as the top stylist for 11 years.

The life of a hairstylist can certainly be a stressful one, trying to keep up with fashion, and feel confident working in front of a mirror. Not to mention the high pace work environment, with minimal breaks, and constantly dealing with other people's stresses. Erin let herself fall into addictions like drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, and unhealthy relationships just to cope. Her insecurities were at a high! She was sick, and tired of working in an industry that was so outwardly focused!

She realized that true confidence comes from self-love, and acceptance. So instead of sitting around in her negative behaviors & sorrows she started to change her habits & way of thinking! She took 5 weeks off of work to attend a Spiritual Yoga Retreat in Guatemala. This inspired her to learn more about Spirituality & Personal Development. She finally realized what she was meant to do!

Her greatest desire was to become better in herself so she could help empower others to do the same for themselves on a massive scale. She wanted to be more impactful than just having a one on one in the salon. She saw herself as a motivational speaker, a blogger, vlogger, even an author.

Considering she was already a natural problem solver, having the gift of understanding people on a deep level, and why they do the things they do... This was a perfect fit! She could use her understanding of others, and herself to help people break away from the bondage of insecurities & inaction!

Her business in Personal Development led her down a path of healing. Regardless of quitting her job prematurely, and struggling for quite some time... Erin found a community of 6, 7, & 8 Figure Mentors from all over the world who offered the tools she needed, paired with proven strategies to turn her business, and life around for good! This helped her make some powerful decisions! She learned to ask herself better questions, which gave her a real knowing of what it was she truly desired! The actions she took created incredible growth within herself, and business leading her to Brian.

Brian + Erin Come Together

They started out as friends, helping each other in their businesses, and to stay positive through their struggles. They became best of friends, as they helped one another heal from their heartaches.

They soon found out they were both on very similar missions, and that they had both been working towards goals that were nearly the same. To be quite honest they were both in shock after all they had been through.

They realized they had been manifesting each other from a distance! Personal Development taught them both they needed to visualize what it was they were truly wanting! It taught them the purpose of making VERY clear concise goals so they could bring their vision into their realities!

Once Brian + Erin met in person they became inseparable. As a joke they decided to start telling people they were Adventure Partners, which led them to merging their ideas, and forming BE Adventure Partners.

It is your thought & focus that directs your path. As soon as Brian + Erin started being specific, and writing down what they wanted, they could manifest the qualities of life that they desired into reality.

Now, Brian + Erin are traveling the world, full-time as their dream-business continues to grow! They continue to make a positive impact In Humanity… In Our Earth… In The Collective Consciousness. They are both driven to succeed, and have created the BE Adventure Partners Tribe to BE a safe place where others from every walk of life could bring their ideas, vision, and passion together to create the online business of THEIR dreams!

B+E make it their mission to NEVER let the “How To” be the thing that prevents people from building the life of their dreams. Regardless of the product, service, niche, or offer, the principles for How To Build A Successful Online Business remain the same. The only reason someone may fail is if they quit… If they neglect to implement what is taught consistently, or stop investing in themselves with growing in personal development, and their skills through courses, events, workshops, and mentorship/coaching.

Over the past two decades combined, they have provided products & services, which lead them to develop PowerCourses + PRO Courses! 

This coursework is designed to eliminate the excuses within oneself of “I don’t know what to do to launch” or even “I don’t have the skills to build a successful online business.” When YOU recognize within yourself that these are excuses, you’ll finally transcend the BS you’ve been feeding yourself and finally make a difference in your and your family’s life!

We look forward to connecting with you!

Until Next Time Friend....
Adventure On, Adventure On!

Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick


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