Get Your Ads On

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have more eyes on your business? Or finally convert window shoppers into buyers?


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✅9 video lessons

✅3hr 10min 06sec of training

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What Leveraging Ads Could Do For You & Your Biz...

You may be nervous to spend money on ads, because you don’t know if you'll make it back.

Ad platforms seem kind of complicated, but you know you should be running ads, because that’s what all real businesses do to get in front of hundreds of thousands of people each week…

When we started with ads we were literally throwing $h!t at the wall waiting for something to stick.

Until we got smart… AND we invested about $30,000 in coaching so we could learn how to create ads that were targeted to the right audience, with the right objective, STOP WASTING MONEY,  and start turning window shoppers into actual buyers. 

(Now… Don’t think you need to go investing 30 g’s on coaching just to figure this out like we did… That was a great investment for us… Buttt… That’s why you’re here in the Exclusive Tribe… So you can leverage what we invested in without that cost... Right?)

No more throwing $h!t at the wall. We found a simple step-by-step way to inspire our audience to click. That is what we are going to show you throughout Get Your Ads On.

Your Plan To Getting Your Biz In Front Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Each Week...

First, we’re going to show you how to understand & manage your ads account. 

Second, we’re going to walk you through exactly how to set up the five most common ads that are used, specifically to get more:

  1. Traffic to your website (or certain pages)
  2. Get more followers on your Facebook Fan Page (Grow your audience of diehard fans, get more engagement, and turn fans into loyal customers)
  3. Drive more views to your videos
  4. Open conversations by compelling people to message you first (Eliminating sleazy, salesy sort of conversations)
  5. Cause people to want to jump on your email list, register for your webinar, or even buy your product or service. (BEcause growing your list is one of the most profitable things you can do as a business owner)

Finally, you’ll understand a simple flow to know that you are running ads with a specific purpose to get a targeted, measurable result.

By The End Of Get Your Ads On...

You'll understand the simple strategy of running ads that get predictable results time & time again…

Go from a small, slow, organically grown business… To a business your proud of with thousands of new people coming through your virtual doors every time you turn on your ads.

Your ultimate goal with ads is to put in $5, and get 10$ back. 

The ultimate bummer would be to keep forking-out cash without a return, and your biz ends up another statistic…

No need to flirt with that kind of tragedy, when you have the information you need to grow & scale your business beyond what you ever thought possible. Let's get it on! 


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