Ultimate Blueprint To Converting A School Bus Into An RV Motorhome, Step-By-Step


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Ultimate Blueprint To Converting A School Bus Into An RV Motorhome, Step-By-Step.

This eCourse will share how to convert your school bus step-by-step. From buying it through turning it into your adventure tiny home on wheels!

If you've been thinking about converting a school bus into a Skoolie RV/Motorhome but just don't know where to start... OR you have purchased a school bus, are familiar with tools, but want a unique step-by-step approach... That's exactly what Get Your Skoolie On is all about.

In this course we share what tools & materials we used on each project. We will also share with you the difficulty level of the tasks, how many hands you will need to get it done smoothly, and the appropriate safety gear to wear too.

Converting a skoolie can be pricey or can be done economically depending on the materials & supplies you select. We want to make sure that you know what kind of costs are coming up for each project & we'll break all of that down for you as we go through our build.


In this fully-loaded eCourse, you'll learn:

  • What equipment, materials, and tools we used
  • How difficult the tasks are, and how many hands will be needed
  • Unique & creative ways to design your skoolie
  • We'll share what worked best for us & what didn't
  • Peace of mind that licensed tradesmen have guided us through our build & that is what we are sharing with you

YouTube is where we post our entertaining & inspirational videos.

BUT "Get Your Skoolie On" is where we share ALL of the dirty details.

As we complete each project, we will be releasing detailed videos & plans into Get Your Skoolie On. 

If you have ever thought that building a skoolie would be sweet, but you want some guidance or a place to bounce ideas around... Then you're in the right place! 

Sample Lesson From 'Get Your Skoolie On'


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What You Get...

How-To Video Lessons

Our super detailed how-to videos are NOT published to YouTube!

Course Introduction

Welcome to Get Your Skoolie On! As we convert our old school bus into our tiny home on wheels, we're going to share detailed videos, guides & tips.

  • Welcome to Get Your Skoolie On 3:43

Tool Tips

In this module, we cover the tools we're using in our build, how to use them safely, and how to build certain tools & jigs to achieve artistic creation!

  • Building A Circular Saw Guide To Cut Straight Lines 12:59
  • The Tape Measures We Use 3:47
  • The Plumb Bob 4:19
  • Ladder Safety - How To Get On The Roof Safely 2:31
  • How To Strip Wire 8:48

Researching & Purchasing Your School Bus

In order to confidently buy a bus that will meet your needs, it takes a little bit of research. In this module, we show you how we researched, inspected and purchased our old school bus. The insight we share could be the difference between buying your perfect bus that lasts a long time and buying a lemon.

  • What Do You Want In A Bus? 21:23
  • Where Do You Even Buy A School Bus From? 11:17
  • The Elusive Skoolie Title, Registration & Insurance Process 20:00
  • Acquiring Bus Expenses 5:08

Skoolie Demolition & Interior Gutting

While just jumping in and building sounds like fun, it's important to start off with demolition! In this module, we're going to show you how we methodically deconstructed our old school bus so we could then build it out exactly how we want it.

  • Removing Decals, Stickers & Stripes 1:52
  • Removing The Seats 8:41
  • Taking Down The Ceiling 18:39
  • Removing The Walls 10:07
  • Removing The Old Bus Floor 14:29
  • Disabling The Emergency Exit Windows & Doors Wiring 8:35
  • Tearing Pleather & Foam Off Of Rear Engine Compartment 5:50
  • Taking Out The Rear Heater & Coolant Lines 23:18

Securing Your Skoolie

When traveling full-time or even being an occasional weekend warrior, securing your Skoolie is important. Gain peace of mind that your Skoolie is secured while out and about.

  • Installing Main Door Jimmy-Proof Deadlock 22:04
  •  Installing Cam Locks 6:44

Skoolie Interior | Bodywork

Bodywork can be daunting. We're going to show you how we safely modified our Skoolie interior to be exactly what we want. Watch as we work with metal & wood while learning different techniques so you can build your own Skoolie!

  • Sealing The Floor & It's MANY Holes 14:43
  • Insulating The Floor & Installing The Subfloor 4:54

Skoolie Exterior | Body Work

From upgrading the old school bus windows to custom skylights, and underbody storage... We'll show you what we did so you feel more confident taking on big metal projects.

  • Cutting Holes For Scenic Skylights - Part One 16:21

More lessons added as we complete projects in our Skoolie Conversion!

* Most recent lessons added November 25, 2020


Bonus Guides & Checklists

Besides detailed how-to videos, you'll also get access to ALL the guides & checklists we create, as we create them...

Pre-Buy Visual Inspection Checklist

Considering buying a school bus but your not sure what needs to be inspected?

Our detailed visual inspection checklist is modeled off of the essential components to check when inspecting a big diesel rig/fire truck (Brian was a firefighter for nearly 9 years so he knows his big rigs).

This checklist is geared to help you know the lingo when you are shopping & avoid buying a rust bucket.


Top Questions To Ask The Bus Seller BEFORE You Buy

When we went bus shopping, we had a ton of questions that needed answers. Knowing what to ask allows you to avoid costly repairs BEFORE your conversion even starts. This document is a list of those questions to help with your school bus shopping journey! 


DIY Scenic Skylights

Build your own beautiful curved skylights for your Skoolie (so you don't have to duck down to look out the window).

In this 45 page guide, we list all of the tools, materials, measurements, and tips along with a TON of images showing how to confidently build these skylights on your own Skoolie.


More Guides & Checklists To Come
(as we build our Skoolie!)


What's Under The Hood?

✚ Step-by-step video tutorials
for each phase of conversion, with many more to come


✚ Complete supplies & tools list in each lesson, gather equipment before starting projects


Get you questions answered within each video lesson or LIVE in the Skoolie Tribe (depending on your purchase)


✚ Skoolie Conversion eBook

✚ Difficulty score & safety gear recommendations for each task 

✚ 24/7 On Demand Access
stream from any internet connection

Hi, We're Brian + Erin

Our big goal is to inspire others to think outside the box & get creative with life. You see… Life pushed us to want to live differently. Think differently. And BE different.

After being knocked down a few times, and falling deeper into debt we realized we needed to make some big changes. Story after story we kept hearing about people digging themselves out of the financial hole when they decided to live smarter & simpler.

That’s when doing a school bus conversion rolled into our lives.

We figured there is no better time than now to exit the rat race and figure out how to live off grid & BE self reliant.

So stay tuned for more on living in the wild, growing food, and making old stuff new once we get our skoolie done.

Thanks for BEing here! - B + E

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