Get Your Video On

Ultimate Blueprint To Capturing & Editing Video To Spread Your Message & Create A Positive Impact.

Video is the most captivating way to spread your message, tell a story & sell your offer.


Share Your Message

You have a story to tell & a message to share.

Capture Video

Capture captivating video with your smartphone or video camera.

Follow along & put together your film easily with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Video Captures Your Audience's Attention
& Builds The 'Know, Love, Trust' Factor, FASTER...

'Get Your Video On' eCourse will show you how to capture video & audio with your smartphone or video camera. Afterwards, you'll learn how to easily use Adobe Premiere Pro so you can produce pro-quality films.


How can you know your videos educate, entertain & inspire?

✅ Does capturing video & editing seem complicated?


✅ Have you tried to capture video but there's something just not right?


✅ Is it time to better reach your audience by using video?

✅ Are you struggling to get your audience to watch your videos?


✅ Do you need a simple, easy, non-techy way to learn how to capture & edit video?


✅ Does the idea of using video for your business feel confusing?




BE Where You Want...
When You Want...

Brian + Erin have been building online businesses since 2015, earning them the freedom to quit their jobs & travel full-time. Now they're guiding you through a refined process to help you build your business online, faster. Learn their different creative approach to turning your ideas & passions into a business online that could positively impact others all over the world. Get the tools you need to take your life, relationships & business to new heights.

Anyone can do it & it works for anyone wanting to use video in their marketing

First - Start Your Tribe Membership

Begin your Tribe membership...

Second - Follow The BEAP Road Map

Follow along with 'Get Your Video On'...

Third - Build A Business You'll Love

Produce educating, entertaining & inspiring films!

What You Get...

Get Your Video On 

Shoot, Edit & Publish Videos People Actually Want To See

'Get Your Video On' will show you, step-by-step how to easily capture video & audio and edit using Adobe Premiere Pro. By the end of this eCourse you'll have the skills to shoot, edit & publish videos for your Vlog, YouTube Channel, Social Media, Blog & Website, Marketing and Video Sales Letters.

What's Inside The eCourse?

✅25 video lessons

✅1hr 35min 45sec of training

✅Module 1: Capturing Video & Audio Like The Pros

✅Module 2: Basic Video Editing

(Coming Soon) Module 3: Advanced Video Editing

✅Your guest instructor with over a decade of experience, Daniel Sorbera, will walk you through what you need to know to easily implement the skills needed to shoot, edit & publish video.

✅Stream from any internet connection

✅Watch from any laptop, iOS or Android device

✅Community forum to get your questions answered

✅Our 30-Day Get-It-Done-Right-The-First-Time 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

✅Our favourite Tools & Resources 



"GET YOUR VIDEO ON" - Get everything you need to learn the skills to shoot, edit & publish video.


Our Promise To You:
No Contract. Easily Cancel Anytime. No Questions Asked.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

OR... Join The Tribe & Get All These Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs ($997 Value/Month)

Community & Support You Need To Grow

The Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs is a tight-knit community of normal people working towards achieving extraordinary things. Built for the love of seeing the growth in couples, the Tribe is designed to BE a safe place where you can grow in your life, relationships and business online. It's a fact that we grow faster together than when we're alone.


BONUS #2: BEAP Road Map ($197 Value)

Step-by-Step Guide To Launching YOUR Online Business 

It's easier to find your way through the woods when you have a map. And, it makes a lot more sense to have the map before you go into the woods, right? The BEAP Road Map is your guide before you get into the online jungle & will walk you through the 3 Stages of understanding your online business (so you what to do in the most logical order, saving yourself time & money.) 

BONUS #3: LIVE Monthly Campfire Q+A ($394 Value/Month)

A Fun, Interactive Video Call To Keep You On Track

Each month, we host a LIVE Zoom Video Call for all Tribe Members to attend. Here, you can be a fly-on-the-wall by listening in -OR- you can participate and get your questions answered LIVE (you can even share your screen if you need to!) Attend LIVE & get a customized Action Plan every month to guide you towards your unique goals. The Campfire Q+A is designed to give you monthly momentum & help keep your head in the game because you're surrounded by other entrepreneurs who understand you.

BONUS #4: Get Your Goals On ($197 Value)

Set Goals You Can Actually Achieve

This is not your average Goal Setting course. 'Get Your Goals On' will show you how to turn long-term goals into measurable consistent wins. This way you stay motivated & driven to achieve your BIG goals without quitting short of hitting them.


BONUS #5: Get Your Brand On ($497 Value)

Turn Your Idea Into A Magnetic Brand You'll Love

'Get Your Brand On' is designed to help you create a brand that attracts your perfect customer & client. BEcome the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about what you offer. (Psst...People share what they love!)


BONUS #6: Get Your List On ($497 Value)

Create A Pipeline That Funnels Your Perfect Customers To You

Your 'List' is made up of people who raise their hands wanting what you offer. 'Get Your List On' will show you exactly how to build a pipeline & funnel to create a profitable list of future customers & clients wanting to hear from you.


BONUS #7: Get Your Ads On ($497 Value)

Leverage Ads To Attract Loyal Fans, Customers & Clients

What's the fastest way to get in front of thousands of people each day? You simply run targeted ads to them. 'Get Your Ads On' will show you how to supercharge your growth, without wasting your precious ad dollars.


BONUS #8: Get Your Blog On ($997 Value)

Launch A Beautiful Blog People Actually Want To Read

'Get Your Blog On' will show you, step-by-step how to easily create a website & blog for your business (even if you're not "Techie"). The goal is to create something that is easy for your audience to use, which keeps people on your site & makes you money.


BONUS #9: Get Your Video On ($997 Value)

Shoot, Edit & Publish Videos People Actually Want To See

'Get Your Video On' will show you, step-by-step how to easily capture video & audio and edit using Adobe Premiere Pro. By the end of this eCourse you'll have the skills to shoot, edit & publish videos for your Vlog, YouTube Channel, blog & website and Video Sales Letters.

Total Bonus Value
($5,270+ Value)

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The community & support you get with the Tribe coupled with all the eCourse bonuses you know is obviously a no-brainer if you're wanting to compress time, save money & learn step-by-step what you need to do to launch your business online faster. We've got your back!





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✔︎ "Get Your Video On" eCourse

✔︎ $1 7-Day Risk-Free Trial


✔︎ Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs

✔︎ BEAP Road Map

✔︎ LIVE Monthly Campfire Q+A

✔︎ Entire eCourse Library





✔︎ "Get Your Video On" eCourse

✔︎ $1 7-Day Risk-Free Trial


✔︎ Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs

✔︎ BEAP Road Map

✔︎ LIVE Monthly Campfire Q+A

✔︎ Entire eCourse Library


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This is your 100% Money Back Guarantee. That's right! We want you to BE happy! If for ANY reason you're not completely satisfied with your Tribe Membership, simply send an email requesting a refund within 30 Days of your enrollment & we'll happily refund you 100%, no questions asked.

Anyone Could Do It & It Works For Any Online Business

You can spend FOUR YEARS and tens of thousands of dollars going to film school to learn how to shoot, edit & publish videos... or let Daniel, Brian + Erin walk you through, step-by-step, saving you time & money

The Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs & eCourse Library is designed to shorten your learning curve by showing you what actually works when capturing video, editing & publishing and building your business online. Just signup now & let Daniel, Brian + Erin show you how everything fits together perfectly to produce videos that people actually want to see. This skill will serve you for years to come & will fit the lifestyle you want.

Sign up today and you'll get all the eCourses, community & support you need to be accountable so you don't quit just shy of hitting your goals!

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