Ultimate Blueprint To Capturing & Editing Video To Spread Your Message & Create A Positive Impact.


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Your Ultimate Blueprint To Capturing & Editing Video To Spread Your Message & Create A Positive Impact.

Have you ever seen a vlog, video, or film that captivated your attention? There's a reason for that. In today's society, people's attention spans are shorter than that of a Goldfish. Video stimulates multiple senses simultaneously which captures the attention of people like never before.

This eCourse will show you how to pick your perfect camera, or how to use what you already have... As well as how to capture video & edit it in a way that will attract the attention of your audience.

In our video eCourse, Get Your Video On, Daniel Sorbera, our guest instructor who taught us how to edit video, will show you how to use the industry's leading video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, to easily edit your videos to tell a story that grows your viewership.

Whether you're starting a Vlog on YouTube, creating sales videos, or even getting into documentary filmmaking, this eCourse will guide you through producing videos that people love to watch.

In this fully-loaded course, you'll learn:

  • What equipment you need to start vlogging or shooting videos
  • How to create captivating videos people want to watch
  • How to easily edit your videos using Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • The simple method used by filmmakers to capture intriguing footage

If you have ever thought that creating films for your YouTube vlog, video sales letters, or even putting together a documentary would be sweet, then Get Your Video On will show you how to put it all together.


Your Instructor: Daniel Sorbera

Daniel Sorbera

Your guest instructor with over a decade of experience, Daniel Sorbera, will walk you through what you need to know to easily implement the skills needed to shoot, edit & publish video. Daniel has produced & filmed documentaries all over the world for the past decade. He is also a producer for live broadcast television in San Antonio, TX. With this experience comes vast knowledge for what it takes to capture, compose and edit video to be compelling & tell a story.



Capturing Video & Audio Like The Pros

  1. Intro to Capturing Video & Audio Like The Pros 2:43
  2. Different Types of Cameras (How to select the right one for your project?) 3:43
  3. Stabilization (Tripods, gimbals, and more) 1:42
  4. Why Is Audio Important? (Selecting the right audio gear for your project) 4:31
  5. How To Capture Clean Audio 5:21
  6. How To Choose The Right Camera Settings 4:50
  7. Lighting 101 3:33
  8. Composition 101 3:13
  9. Shooting B-Roll To Cover Your Video 4:09
  10. Using Multiple Cameras To Shoot An Interview 2:08

Basic Video Editing

  1. Intro to Basic Video Editing 5:19
  2. File Management (Where to save your footage/sound/stills/project) 1:49
  3. Creating A Project In Premiere Pro 2:28
  4. Premiere Pro Panels (A quick overview of each panel) 3:42
  5. Workspace (How to arrange your panels and create a preset) 2:36
  6. Importing Footage / The Project Panel In Detail 2:07
  7. Creating A Timeline 2:02
  8. Using The Source Monitor 4:29
  9. Timeline Specifics 3:10
  10. Tools (What are they, and what do they do?) 1:44
  11. Effects (How to add transitions) 2:02
  12. Effect Controls 3:20
  13. Keyframes (What are they and what do they do?) 5:38
  14. Adjusting Audio Levels 9:08
  15. Exporting 6:28

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Video Captures Your Audience's Attention
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'Get Your Video On' eCourse will show you how to capture video & audio with your smartphone or video camera. Afterwards, you'll learn how to easily use Adobe Premiere Pro so you can produce pro-quality films.

Share Your Message

You have a story to tell & a message to share.

Capture Video

Capture captivating video with your smartphone or video camera.

Follow along & put together your film easily with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Stream our entire eCourse library, anytime, from any device, at the beat of your own drum.
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Stream our entire eCourse library, anytime, from any device, at the beat of your own drum.
Get 4 FREE MONTHS with Annual Billing!




Get Your Video On
Video eCourse




Monthly & Annual Plans Available


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